About Us

Malaysian Textile and Apparel Centre

Limited by Guarantee (Co. No. 292098-P)

The Malaysian Textile and Apparel Centre (MATAC) is a specialized Training Centre for the Textile and Apparel Industry.  MATAC was established as a company limited by guarantee on 10 March 1994 with a launching grant from the Government of Malaysia (represented by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry). It is an organisation dedicated to continuously upgrade the productivity and competitiveness of the Textile and Apparel Industry in Malaysia.

The Management of MATAC is through the Council and the daily administration is carried out by a Secretariat. The members of the Council comprises of representatives from the Spinners, Weavers, Knitters, Garment-Makers, Industrial Textile Group and Ex-officials represented by government ministries and organizations.

MATAC’s Objectives


  • To promote and to develop a culture of training in textile and apparel industry
  • To raise the skill level of occupational competence of the workforce
  • To promote the collection and circulation of textile and apparel statistics and other information


MATAC strives to inculcate this productivity mindset by liaising and collaborating with other successful training institutions both local and international.