TNA Consultancy

MATAC has been appointed by Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad (PSMB) as an approved consultant to undertake organization-wide training needs analysis for SMEs in the textile and apparel industry.

The fees incurred in undertaking the TNA consultancy will be fully funded by PSMB under its SME/TNA Consultancy Fund. The duration of the consultancy will be between ten (10) to twelve (12) days and a further three (3) days will be allowed for the “holding- hand” period.

The objective of the TNA Consultancy Scheme is to undertake a training needs investigation and training needs analysis to determine  the knowledge, competencies and skills gaps as well as the future needs of the employers’ workforce to enable them to attain better productivity increases and business successes of their companies in today’s globalized economy. The systematic identification of training needs will lead to the preparation of Annual Training Plans for companies and which will be submitted to PSMB for its consideration and approval. The implementation of the various programmes for the different categories of staff from the various departments of companies will be funded from employers’ HRDF contributions as approved by PSMB.  MATAC’s consultants will be assisting employers in the implementation of three programmes for three (3) working days, approved by PSMB as “hand-holding” period.

The benefits to be derived by employers participating in this SME/TNA scheme are as follows:

(1)  Training will be more relevant to companies’ needs and systematic thereby reducing wastage;

(2)  Employees/workers will be properly trained with better knowledge and skills, triggering better productivity increases and effectiveness;

(3)  Workers will be able to adopt faster to technological upgrading at the shopfloor;

(4)  With better leadership qualities, managers and supervisor will be able to lead and supervise their subordinates more effectively; and

(5)  With enhanced knowledge and skills, employees and workers will be able to achieve daily, weekly and monthly targets more readily, thereby increasing their job satisfaction and morale.

Ultimately, the benefits derived will make companies more efficient, productive and competitive, enabling them to attain better business successes.

In line with PSMB’s definition, SMEs are defined as those with 199 employees (Malaysian workers only as foreign workers are excluded in the definition of employees in the PSMB Act, 2001). SME companies in the textile and apparel industry interested to participate in the scheme are requested to fill up   SME TNA Consultancy Scheme Application Form and fax/email the completed form to 03-21625148 / .