Corporate Training

MATAC is a HRDF approved training centre that provides value added Public and In-House Training, Advisory and Consultancy Services in the following areas : Management Skills, Textile Technology, Quality and Productivity Improvement, Sales and Retail Merchandising and other programs related to the industry. The programs are conducted either in Malay, Chinese or English. In-house training programs offer the advantage of customizing the training so suit the individual needs of companies and training are conducted on-site at the factories.


MATAC provides powerful programs to improve Line and Middle Management personnel’s mindset, skills and potential towards high performance and proactive working styles. Supervisory and Management personnel with the right mindset and the right tools to work will become action orientated and super-productive resources with passion for personal and professional success. Some of the programs offered in Supervisory & Management skills are Effective Leadership & Motivational Skills, Effective Problem Solving & Decision Making Skills, Successful Project Management, Change Management, Excellent Customer Service, Human Resource Management, Strategic Management, TQM Quality Management, TQM leaders for Production, Quality Management, Brand Creation & Brand Management, Excellent Customer Service & Complaints Management and Leadership & Training.


Among the objectives of programs offered under the Textile Technology is to provide participants the basic understanding of how textile is produced from fiber raw materials to finished products, textile properties, colour management, and textile and fabric care. Some of the programs offered on Textile Technology are Introduction to Textile Technology, Basic Textile and Fabric Care, Textile Dyeing, Textile Printing, Fabric Finishing Colour Management Technology, Textile Fiber Info & Application Properties and Textile Preparation & Pre-Treatment Technology.


These programs are designed to equip manufacturers with the fundamental principles and tools or improving quality requirements and producvitity which includes operation analysis, time and motion study and line balancing to reduce waste and ineffectiveness among others. Some of the program offered on Quality and Productivity improvement are Lean Manufacturing, Performance Rating and Time Study, 5S : The Practice of Good House-Keeping, Introduction to Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Basic Work Study, Occupational Safety & Health, Virtual Garment Design, Fitting & Prototyping, Maintenance for Sewing Machine for Mechanics and Basic Understanding of Sewing Machine for Production Management.


MATAC offers programs that help participants to comprehend the whole fashion supply chain of the various processes, from textile manufacturing, garment design and pattern making, to manufacturing and management of garment. Our programs focus on the role of respective apparel merchandising sales and marketing personnel from the respective of manufacturing, retailing and international trading. Some of the programs offered on Sales, Retailing and Merchandising are Apparel Merchandising, Retailing Merchandising Buying, Retail Visual Merchandising, Brand Creation & Brand Management, Introduction to Apparel Costing, Apparel Marketing, Fashion Retailing, Retail Buying Management, Ready to Wear Analysis and Apparel Product Development.


MATAC offers a number of relevant special programs and courses that are up-to-date and of current demand. Programs covering issues pertaining to safety and health, security, environmental, social labour and other compliances are also offered. Some of the programs offered are Custom-Trade Partnership against Terrorism (C-TPAT), Quest for the Perfect Engine – A Lean Sigma Program, Occupational Safety & Health, First Aid & CPR, Forklift Safety, Intensive Women’s Wear Pattern Drafting, Intensive Men’s Wear Pattern Drafting, Intensive Children’s Wear Pattern Drafting, Basic Sewing Skills, Corporate Social Responsibilities, Colour & Trend Forecast, Accident & Incident Investigations, Risk Assessments and LESH (Labour/Environmental/Safety/Health) Management System.

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